What is the Fullview 360? 


The Fullview 360 Assessment is designed to bridge the gap between purely competency based and purely outcome based measures of management and leadership performance by looking three different perspectives on performance (Competency, Effort & Outcome). The list of behaviors in this model was developed through a qualitative meta-analysis of several leading competency models.  For each of the 44 management/leadership behaviors in this model, the subject will be evaluated by supervisors, peers and subordinates based on: 


Competency:  How competent and capable is the subject relative to these behaviors?  

Level of Effort:  Does the subject make an effort to perform relative to these behaviors?  

Quality of Outcome: To what degree do the subject’s outcomes relative to these behaviors help drive organizational goals?  


The complete Fullview 360 Information Sheet and a Sample Report may be accessed by clicking the icons below.

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